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Vorurteile im Job: Achtung Diskriminierung!

Vorurteile im Job: Achtung Diskriminierung!

Fast jeder Mensch hat Vorurteile, die mal mehr, mal weniger stark ausgeprägt sind. Es gibt sie gegenüber Männern, Frauen, verschiedenen Altersgruppen, bestimmten Bevölkerungsschichten, verschiedenen Nationen und ganz besonders für die unterschiedlichsten Berufe. Zwar versuchen viele, sich selbst davon freizusprechen, doch Vorurteile im Job scheinen allgegenwärtig. Im Home Office läuft jeder im Schlafanzug herum und gearbeitet wird da sowieso nicht, der Praktikant ist höchstens geeignet, um Kaffee zu kochen und vielleicht noch den Kopierer zu bedienen, andere Berufszweige werden gleich allgemein als dumm, egoistisch, faul oder ein wenig durchgedreht abgestempelt. Warum greifen wir so oft zu Vorurteilen, wodurch entstehen sie und was tun, wenn man ihnen im Job begegnet? Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass Vorurteile viel zu allgemein, oft völlig übertrieben und für die betroffenen Personen zusätzlich noch verletzend und kränkend sind. Dennoch schaffen es nur die wenigsten, sich wir
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Beijing, Brazil, 7-1: Awareness Shift in Soccer, Society

I happened to be in Beijing earlier this week, and of course everyone was talking about the 7-1 (World Cup semifinal between Brazil and Germany). Since Chancellor Angela Merkel was also visiting Beijing this week, the running joke was that the 7-1 score was Merkel’s birthday present to her hosts, honoring the founding of China’s Communist Party (7/1/1921). While in my heart I empathized with the feelings of the people from Brazil, a country I love and whose soccer I admire, I also felt joy in seeing the fruits of the Klinsmann/Loew revolution in German soccer. Ten years ago those co-coaches began a transformation of leadership on and off the field, and a transformation of the ugly (results-oriented) style of German soccer to a philosophy inspired by the Dutchtotal football and its more recent incarnation as tiki taka in Spain. Brought to Germany by Klinsmann and Loew, as well as by coaches like Pep Guardiola, who after winning everything with Barcelona now works with two t
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Eight Accupuncture Points for Transforming Capitalism

I’m just returning from the annual BALLE conference in Oakland. BALLE (the Business Association for Local Living Economies), is the fastest-growing network of sustainable and value-based enterprises in North America. It was founded some fourteen years ago, but the origins of this networked grassroots movement go back to the 1990s, when Judy Wicks, the founder of the White Dog Café in Philadelphia, decided to source and manage her café 100 percent locally and sustainably, using socially just practices. People loved it and it became a legendary success. But instead of turning her winning formula into a regional or national brand, chain, and eventually an empire, she decided to reinvest her profits in the health and well-being of her local community. She set up a foundation through which she taught everything she had learned to her competitors, using her money to help suppliers upgrade in order to serve all the cafés and restaurants in the region. That shift from ego to eco, tha
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Are We Sinking—Or Are We Beginning to Rise?

The other day I sat in a World Bank meeting in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the gathering was to initiate a Collective Action Platform that would help multi-stakeholder groups to collaborate more effectively in addressing the major challenges of our time. Here are a few observations that I found interesting: The World Bank itself is going through a radical transformation, from operating as a bank (creating change by making loans) to operating as a knowledge-based organization that multiplies its impact by convening platforms of collaborative action that involve crowding-in dozens or hundreds of other players (example: Global Partnership for Oceans). Leaders at the Bank have begun to realize that the massive challenges we face require new ways of catalyzing collective action on an unprecedented scale—which in turn requires a new collaboration infrastructure such as the Global Partnership for Oceans platform cited above. One participant in the meeting, the COO of one of the biggest
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A Global Action Leadership School in the Making…

I had an interesting week. On Monday I attended a book launch event in Denmark. The idea of the organizers was to create a “Nordic Forum” to bring together leaders and change-makers from many systems and sectors who are using awareness-based technologies of change (such as the one described in the Leading from the Emerging Future book that was introduced that day). Six hundred people from all walks of life showed up for this one-day gathering. Entering the meeting space, I felt a wonderful energy of anticipation, an eagerness to learn about each other and about the connections between personal and societal change. We had set up the room in “neighborhoods” corresponding to the various hotspots (“acupuncture points”) of societal change: reinventing finance, energy, health, education, compassionate business, and politics. The politics group, for example, talked about an initiative to reshape the political field by co-creating a new party that would not position itself as eith
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